To set in motion. . .

March 23, 2009

Over the weekend I discovered a unique Latin phrase described by an individual who recently returned from a (2) years in Germany with ROTC Airforce and then another year in London serving as a parishioner for a Catholic Church in the area (I forget the name of the parish). She (Jenn) described the experience moving as she spent time understanding the theological anatomy and philosophy of the Catholicism. I couldn’t question the enjoyment she had from the experience as her delivery of the topic came with overwhelming amounts of joy, excitement, and a memorable smile.

So as we began to review her journey and become better introduced to a mere friend of Jeff’s, I reconciled how I would like to be more reflective on my journey(s) and share the same amount of detail with those I meet or catch-up with. And so I’m taking her inspirational, well technically Pope John Paul II’s, to begin the deep dive into Fides et Ratio. (Latin: Faith and Reason). It’s meant to describe that Faith and Reason are not only compatible, but essential together.

Faith witout reason leads to superstition. Reason without faith, leads to life without meaning. So I want to be mindful of my experiences, learn from them, and share to those who may read.

And so it begins. . .


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