Sharepoint | Retain List Field Value Assignment

May 13, 2009

I recently spoke with a Sharepoint Admin (Justin) from Transatlantic RE ( regarding a migration issue of content within any type of sharepoint list containing a field using “People or Group” type data. A value entered into this field is validated against WinAD which can be in the format of inital, name, sid, or email.

Justin mentions a problem in that the list, for example a project task list, contains this field called Assigned-To that takes the “People & Group” value type. In the process migrating from one site collection to another using the export/import method the list field is empty. (see below)

  • stsadm -o export -url -filename [file name]
  • stsadm -o import -url [destination url addy] -filename [file name]

After trying the above steps, I achieved the same problem; no value was retained during the above migration steps.

The only option I found feasible was the backup/restore methods what retains the list values for the individual(s) assigned within the list. Use these commands . . .

  • stsadm -o backup -url -filename [file name]
  • stsadm -o restore -url [destination url addy] -filename [file name] -overwrite

To understand when to use export/import vs backup/restore logic, look here :


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