SAS Webparts for Sharepoint (WSS or MOSS)

August 14, 2009

Looking to consume SAS data via Sharepoint ? Look no further. SAS recently released v1.1 webparts for Microsoft Sharepoint. Allowing sharepoint site owners to present SAS Dashboards and Analytix on your site(s).

You have (2) webparts included :

  1. BI Dashboard Web Part
  2. Stored Process Web Part

If I understood the SAS Admin correctly, in order to use the BI Dashboard Web Part the company should own the SAS BI Dashboard Server. I would like to see this functionality and hear the advantages of this web part (e.g. drill downs, interactive behaviors, etc) since I do not have the luxury to try this.

However, the Store Procedure web part appears to be working great with the exception of one known problem – RSA Key Errors. Yet to determine if the issue is IIS or Sharepoint related. I’m not convinced this is not a SAS issue per se.

In the post-install config process you are instructed by SAS to modify key values in the webpartssetup.bat script which change the xml settings defined in the web.config file located at x:\inetpub\ . . * . . .\virtualdirectories\80 – After configuring the *.bat file, you execute it to the settings.

. . . Back to Sharepoint you pick/create your site collection – add your web part(s), modify shared webpart, and you should see the server settings reflected from the userdefined settings you defined for the web.config. In the web part control panel I choose an available web part and then exited edit page mode.

Over time. . . say daily . . . I try with a standard user account – to access the site and the web parts render an error saying :

An error occurred while attempting to access the Stored Process Web Application. Details : Failed to decrypt using provider ‘RsaProtectedConfigurationProvider’. Error message from the provider : The RSA key container could not be opened. (web.config line xyz)

 I’m not convinced that this is a SAS related issue, but how the RSA key is to contact Microsoft and decrypted the web.config settings? If our SAS admin touches the sharepoint site, he gets this error. If I used a sysadmin account to touch the sharepoint site – it seems to repair the underlining issue (again unknown) that will allow webpart(s) to stop failing. . . but tomorrow – back to the same error.

I’m scratching my head. . . Any thoughts SAS or Microsoft? Anyone?

Thanx – J


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