I took the Vespoli Matrix out for a row and managed to overturn on a northbound run back up Wyandotte Lake. My right leg decided to cramp up at that catch. . . recovery. square blades. drop. catch. . . wait massive right leg cramp. loss of balance. (thee overturn ensues). Not having a lot of experience overturning a single, let alone re-mounting from the water, made for a learning experience.

I was fortunate to have a member, Al Hupp, from Kansas City Rowing Club (www.kcrowing.com) give instruction on how to get back into the boat. For anyone interested, Al gave instruction relevant to this reference at : http://www.eriecanalrowingclub.com (Florida Rowing Center)

Demonstrating how to get back into an overturned single shell.

Rowing of the Shell. . . with caution not to be hit by the rigging or oars.

Carefully reaching across, grabbing for the rigor on the opposite side of the shell, and slowly turning to let the water out.

Slowly turning the shell right back-up.

Now it’s time to re-position the oars extended outward back into the oar locks.

She then positions the oar handls on her site, into the rigging on the other site, to position it for an easy reach when she swims to the other side.

Now for the challenging mount. . . Depending on which side you’re on you will maintain, with one hand, both oar handles and using the other hand to hold a firm part of the rowing shell.

Then you want to paddle your legs towards the service so your body is almost flat on or near the top of the water’s surface.

Now that you’re in position, pull yourself to the top of the shell, and shortly after you’re on the shell, rotate your body into the seat

Now use your hand(s) on the oars, use them to balance the shell while you bring your feed back into the shell

And that’s how you get back into an overturned single shell


A helpful tip for resetting your Identity Seed Column Property. . .

Open Table > Design Mode > Select Column with Indentity Specification of ‘Yes’ and review the following settings:

  • (Is Identity) = Yes
  • Identity Increment = [user-defined value] (e.g. ‘1’)
  • Identity Seed = [user-defined] (e.g ‘1’)

Now for the actually Management Studio Statements. . . Open New Query Window :

  1. DBCC CHECKIDENT ([table name], NORESEED) — Will check identity information : current identity value ‘x’, current column value ‘1’.
  2. DBCC CHECKIDENT ([table name], RESEED, [numeric value]) — Will set the Identity Seed to [numeric value]
  3. Run Step # 1 to validate Step # 2 Change