Music | Reviewing the Basix

November 26, 2009

Diving back into the basix of Music. . . great chance to review the fundamental make-up of sounds from the aspex of : notation/syntax, time signature, format.

Here’s a scanned copy of my notes. . . more will follow as I continue reviewing (and learning). So why the interest? Well I honestly grew up playing Brass (as 1st Slide Trombone) and played everything on the basis of slide placement and merely associating the notes by mere bi-produce of placement/sound/and visual placement of notes on the staff. You may laugh, but I could never tell you the difference between an A to Am on paper – only by playing. So I want to change that for (2) reasons.

I want to speak to what I’m playing in words, then the play/demonstrate approach. The other reason? So I can transition into the string-side of instruments. Particularly the Piano and Electric Guitar. Having both and not knowing how to play anything beyond chop stix or Mary-Had-A-Little Lamb disappoints me. I have wanted to play – the Mat Kearney, the Foo, and Ben Folds – for way to long, it’s time I learn to understand music once and for all.

Here’s to something new. . .    =    )

. . . and the update came sooner, than later. . .
I can now play the Mat Kearney Song ‘Chicago’ on the Piano.

  1. Verse (G, D, Am, and C) x 3
  2. Pre-Chorus : (G, D, Am) x 3 . . . then to C
  3. Chorus : (G, D, C) x 2
  4. Verse : (G, D, Am, and C) x 3
  5. Pre-Chorus : (G, D, Am) x 3 . . . then to C (repeat)
  6. Chorus (G, D, C) x 4
  7. Closing with G, D, Am, C

Look the lyrix up! And if you get a chance – catch one of his concerts. Just went to the HOB in San Diego (2) weeks back to watch him perform, along with opener – Vedera. Both artists will rock your sox off!

Enjoy    =   )    – J


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