Oracle Business Intelligence (Job Scheduler Engine) – Install Schema Issue

May 18, 2010

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher utilizes a Quartz, an open-source job-scheduling system. To setup the BI publisher scheduler you are required to install the scheduler tables to a database option of your choice IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL v2000 or v2005, Sysbase Adaptive Server Enterprise, or Oracle v9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g.

In my scenario, we were using IBM DB2 via z/OS platform. When the ‘install schema’ task was attempted we identified an issue and became unsuccessful installing the job scheduler schema tables.

According to the application error : the Schema installation failed while creating tables. Schema may already exist. Please remove the existing schema or choose another database and try again.

According to the DB2 Database Errors : the installation script is trying to use the column data type of BIGINT which is NOT supported for DB2 on a z/OS platform. As I understand it from our Database Analyst, BIGINT will ONLY work on DB2 UDB. The documentation recommends that the IBM DB2 v8.1 & v9.1 are supported and recommended. However there is no specific designation on DB Platforms support documentation. 

In our case we had to change our platform option to Oracle because we did NOT have DB2 on UDB (only on z/OS)

Oracle Support confirms the issues we experienced and why – this is their response :

See the Certification Guide:
We only support DB2 UDB:
These are the only two DB2 versions supported for scheduler:
IBM DB2 for UDB EE 8.2, 9.5

Hope this helps others who are experiencing the same issue.

Thank.You – Josef


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